Well, let’s see… Where do I begin? Hmmm, not too far back now, ‘cause I don’t want to reveal my age. That’s right, ‘cause I don’t want anyone to know that I’m actually only 19 years old. (LOL) No, but seriously, my name is Brian George, but I go by the nickname of “B-Fine”. I’m the drummer and background vocalist of Full Force. I’m the visionary, the creative genius, the one kick-started all! Basically, I am and the sh@#! (LOL) I got the name B-Fine years and years ago when we did a show as a local band and Lou introduced me just before my drum solo. Lou said, “And last but not least, we got Bee on the drums!” Some girl and her friends started shouting out, “Bee is fine! Hey, wassup B-Fine!” So I kept the name. Of course, when I did interviews for magazines, I made it seem like it was a show at Madison Square Garden and 15,000 women were screaming out my name in unison, “B-FINE, B-FINE!!” (LOL) Whew, yea right!