Paul Anthony

I can remember standing on a garbage can with a crowd around me in the heart of Bed-Sty Brooklyn, singing at 10 years old. My mother and brothers would be in the window upstairs looking at me. I can also remember my brothers and I performing at The Apollo and winning at the age of 12! There’s nothing like sweet memories! I’ve been body building more than 20 years. When I am in a good mood I gotta work out. When I am in a bad mood, I gotta work out. I think Full Force was one of the first groups to bring physicality through R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop to the mainstream. Whether it’s singing, writing, acting, producing, managing, politicking, we constantly re-invent and stay committed! Real MF’s stand the test of time, and we’re all here baby!!! Paul Anthony and Full Force continually blessed and highly favored.